The Parish of Malvern Link with Cowleigh

Spiritual But Not Necessarily Religious

​We are convinced that everyone has a spirituality.  
How much people are in  touch with this aspect of themselves varies a great deal from person to person.  But every day we encounter people who are looking for meaning and purpose; people who are aware that they are more than the sum total of their day-to-day roles and activities; people who have a sense of their deeper inner life and are hungry for nourishment, enrichment and company for the journey. 
But for the fulfilment of these needs most people do not turn to organised religion. 
For those who are - or might be - among the growing number of people who speak of themselves as “spiritual but not necessarily religious”, we meet on Tuesdays (approximately fortnightly) in school terms, in the Link Room at St Matthias' Church, Church Road, Malvern Link
We open with a short period of silent meditation.  Then we share whatever have found helpful, inspiring, enriching, deepening.  It could be anything - a thought, poetry, prose, scripture, an image, music - and sometimes this will prompt mutually respectful responses and discussion.  After a break for coffee and conversation, we close with another short period of silent meditation. 
We convene at 7.30pm and finish at 9.30pm.  To cover costs, there is a charge of £3 per person per session.  

All are welcome.

 DATES IN 2018 

April     24th
May        8th

May      22nd
June       5th
June     19th
July        3rd